MD for Children -- Rekha Udupa, MD -- 408-252-1090
MD for Children -- Rekha Udupa, MD -- 408-252-1090
Health Care from Birth           to Adolescence

Well Child Visits
We recommend routine well child visits at specific intervals. We also see children for acute illnesses and consultations about long standing issues. Please call our office to schedule appointments.

Immunizations protect your child against several serious, life threatening diseases. Your child should have vaccinations according to the schedule recommended by AAP. If your child's shots are not up-to-date, please contact us or call our office for an appointment.

Prenatal Consults
We also offer free prenatal consults for expecting parents. We strongly recommend you to take an appointment and meet the doctor and have a tour of the clinic.

Sport Physicals

Travel Vaccinations and Consultation

Ear Piercing

For more information about vaccines and preventable diseases, please refer to the websites below.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
American Academy of Pediatrics

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